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Plan & Play: Planning Screen Time in Preschool

Many parents want their preschool-age children to be able to enjoy entertainment media but end up negotiating and arguing when it comes time to unplug. Though many tools exist for limiting children's use of media, these traditionally set up restrictive boundaries that force children to comply. Instead, we looked to existing literature that explains how children learn to self-regulate their own behavior and find the intrinsic motivation to make healthy choices for themselves.

The result was Plan & Play, a system-level tool for Android devices that supports planning out the time you will spend with entertainment media, helps you stick to your self-defined plan, and provides an opportunity to reflect on how you did afterwards. Plan & Play was created as a research project at Microsoft Research. Bongshin Lee, Kiley Sobel, and Eun Kyoung Choe all collaborated in the design of Plan & Play.

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