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Baby Steps: Tracking Child Development

Developmental delays are very common and for many children, receiving early treatment improves long-term quality of life. Tracking children's development is a great way to detect delays and help families work with their pediatricians and teachers to make the choices that are best for their child.  

Baby Steps is an ecosystem of tools to support parents in tracking their child's development during the first five years 

of life. In addition to helping parents understand what to expect over the course of their child's early development, it also serves as a kind of electronic baby book and supports capturing photos, videos, and stories about a child's first years. We hope that Baby Steps will help connect families with the services they need and also provide them with a time capsule they will be able to enjoy for years to come. Professor Julie Kientz is the principal investigator of the Baby Steps project. Baby Steps is publicly available, and you can try it out here.

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